May 27, 2013


Earl Sweatshirt Brings New Tracks & Tender Romance to Sasquatch Fest

Tim Mosenfelder
Tim Mosenfelder

"Heeeeyyyyyyyy Coachella!" Los Angeles rapper and Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt joked between songs during his sunset-set at Sasquatch Fest on Sunday. It essentially set the tone for his appearance: Witty humor and youthful energy, which highlighted a handful of tracks from his upcoming solo album, Doris.

Even at 19, his youth is sometimes striking. His small, slight frame was swimming in jeans and a Supreme brand hoodie, and his wit is the stuff of a fifth period punk-prankster/teacher's worst nightmare. His high school experience, however, was very different. After gaining attention in Odd Future, his mom (worried about their lyrical content), shipped him off to Coral Reef Academy, a retreat school for at-risk boys in Samoa. 

While it sidetracked his music career until his 18th birthday (he recorded vocals for "Oldie," his only track on The OF Tape Vol. 2, over the phone), it only helped build his legend. The hungry press feasted and when he returned stateside, he rejoined OF and soon signed a solo deal with Columbia Records.

Which brings us to the new tracks Earl played from Doris (which is rumored to feature Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean, Pharrell and many more). With only OF's resident female DJ, Syd, directing a laptop behind him, Sweatshirt dropped a handful of newbies, including "150 Molasses" featuring Wu-Tang's RZA (sadly, he didn't show up for his verse).

Before Syd dropped the tune's deep, aggressive bass, Sweatshirt gave the crowd instruction on singing the chorus. He rapped, "I'll f-ck the freckles off your face, bitch," then told the now-laughing audience to chant it back. He got 'em rolling at max volume before charging in on the verses in between. And it sounded awesome! 

Like Odd Future's work, Doris will certainly stir things up, like a witty and foul-mouthed high school kid in class, when it drops. Can't wait!