GEORGE, WA - MAY 27: Steve Aoki performs as part of Day 4 of the Sasquatch! Music Festival at the Gorge Amphitheatre on May 2
Tim Mosenfelder

Sasquatch Fest is taxing. The temperatures are more extreme than the average summer music festival. There's a massive hill fans climb numerous times each day, burning the leg muscles. Most concertgoers sleep face down in a tent, turning in long after midnight and rising with the sun. It's all... exhausting. Just the epic view takes it out of ya. So, if fans are a little stiff and sore by Monday, they're forgiven. 

At the dance tent, during highlight sets from Toro Y Moi and Steve Aoki on Monday, weary fans demonstrated genius in lazy dancing to compensate. They effortlessly (no, really) shuffled to South Carolina native Chaz Bundick's colorful chillwave funk and worked it during the blasting EDM of Aoki's late-night set. The dance tent was having a stellar day. Here's your guide to the best lazy dance moves, because a head nod just isn't going to cut it and you are too tired to attempt much else.

Waving Your Hat in the Air: Big overzealous movements to hide the fact that you're really not moving at all.
Degree of Difficulty: 2

Gently Swaying in Rhythm: Shifting your weight without lifting your feet is the OG of lazy dancing.
Degree of Difficulty: 1

The Duck Waddle: Lightly lift those heels in a weak march. 
Degree of Difficulty: 2

Combo Head Nod: See above. Then throw in some reassuring nods. Gawking, open mouth and pointing fingers for extra points. 
Degree of Difficulty: 3

Arms-to-the-Sky Knee Bends: Throw 'em up and gently bend those stiff, painful knees. But not too much. It's all smoke and mirrors—it looks far more active than it actually is.
Degree of Difficulty: 3

Throwing 'Bows: Pop and pivot those elbows. Work it, work it. Throw in a wild, untamed 'bow (like you can control it by now) or even bend a knee of two.
Degree of Difficulty: 3

Grandpa Woodpecker: Stand still, knees slightly bent and then bob like a giant woodpecker with arthritis, nose out front.
Degree of Difficulty: 2

Follow the Leader: Just grab on to one of the many conga-style dance lines snaking through the tent, or go hand in hand with a lively pal and just follow their lead. Channel their energy!
Degree of Difficulty: 2

Point and Gawk, Knee Bends: Point to one of the dancers in a tiger or wizard or orca (So PNW) costume, then just gawk. Take the attention off you. Works every time.
Degree of Difficulty:

Forget It, Go HAM: Screw it. You're tired. But Sasquatch is winding down and you have 361 days to rest 'til next year. You can do it!
Degree of Difficulty: Infinite