May 26, 2013


Seattle Seahawk Sidney Rice Throws Footballs to Fans in Sasquatch Fest Parking Lot

Tom Szczerbowski
Tom Szczerbowski

Remember the time Seattle Seahawk Sidney Rice played flyers up with a bunch of drunken Sasquatch concertgoers in the parking lot? Yeah... because that seriously happened Saturday afternoon. Best. Memorial Day Weekend. Ever.

Rice was chillin' with some friends, drinking beers just outside the festival's front gates. Soon a fan recognized him and approached for a handshake. "Damn, your pants so tight they're gonna give you a hernia," he reportedly joked to the concertgoer. Laughs were had. A football was produced and then it was on. 

More people gathered and a few passes turned into tipsy concertgoers running plays in front of the porta-potties, going long for turbo-charged hail marys. At one point, Rice, who holds the record for most touchdown receptions in a playoff game (3), was throwing the ball to a group of fans, all leaping and clawing for a catch. One person took a fast-flying pigskin to the chest and nearly fell over. 

Is this a Budweiser commercial or something? Scripts aren't written this well.

"It's like Rice is throwing a football clinic in the parking lot," joked one onlooker of the football star, who inked a five-year, $41 million contract with the Hawks in 2011.

Music. Football. Memorial Day Weekend. God bless America.