Deadly Romance: Behind the Scenes of Skylar Grey's "Final Warning" Video

Fuse caught up with Skylar Grey on the set of her dramatic music video for "Final Warning," a track off her new album, Don't Look Down. The video, which just dropped online (watch below), puts a twist on the song's deadly-romance storyline.

"The video for 'Final Warning' is totally different from the song," says Grey. "In the song you'd think I'm talking about my boyfriend cheating on me. But in the video I'm the mistress to this dude, who's married to another woman, and I'm mad that he married [her] instead of me."

And to hide his infideltiy, the "dude" then tries to murder Grey's character. "He wants to get rid of me so his whole life doesn't fall apart," she explains. "He botches the murder. Then I come back and confront him in front of his whole family at his birthday party."

She continues, "I come into the house, all muddy, because I came out of a ditch he threw me in after trying to murder me and not succeeding. I crash the party and everyone freaks out. Then he tries to finish me off for good." 

Grey adds that the song was inspired by heartbreak. "I wrote it the same week I wrote 'Love the Way You Lie,'" she says. "I was in a cabin in the woods in Oregon. It's inspired by the same tumultous relationship behind 'Love the Way You Lie.'"

Drama! Watch the full video interview above, and the final music video below.