May 14, 2013


Solange Recruits Kendrick Lamar for New Track, Launches Record Label

Taking a cue from basically everyone else this year, Solange also recruited the hottest MC in the gameKendrick Lamar, to step in for a new, revamped version of her True EP track "Looks Good With Trouble."

Produced by Dev Hynes, Solange says she wrote "Trouble" originally as a prelude to another True EP track, "Bad Girls." Later, according to Complex, she decided to "create it as a full song and add the brilliant storytelling of Kendrick Lamar." Lamar's sharp tongue is the perfect accompaniment to Solange's smooth R&B hook. We dig.

Never one to take the traditional route—she recently blasted sexism in the music industry in a series of no-nonsense tweets—Solange also announced that she's started her own record label, Saint Records. 

Distributed through Sony, Solange will be releasing her music, including her upcoming full-length album, and other projects on the new label. "Through Saint Records I will have 100% creative/artistic control," she tweeted, "And continue to passionately pursue my footing in this new musical movement."