May 28, 2013


Texas Cops Stop Kanye West's "New Slaves" Screening at the Alamo

Getty Images
Getty Images

Maybe they're still holding a grudge on behalf of Taylor Swift, but Texas cops do not seem to like Kanye West very much. Not only did Houston authorities threatened to jail a reportedly benign crowd gathered to watch a premiere of Yeezy's new video on Friday, but San Antonio officers shut down a screening of "New Slaves" at the Alamo two days later.

The video for West's anti-capitalism track was to be projected on the side of the defunct fort, which was a pivotal part of the Texas Revolution and a symbol of state pride. That didn't sit well with the Texas General Land Office, which manages the Alamo. "We were never asked," said a spokesperson. "It's sad that people have such little respect for the Alamo.”

Authorities must have agreed with the Alamo's caretakers. They wasted no time showing up en masse to the site and preventing the screening on the grounds that no permit had been issued.

The moral of this story: If you want to mess with Texas, get a permit first. Or, you know, unveil a hotly anticipated Kanye video in a part of the country that would be psyched to host a screening. For example, South Dakota probably wouldn't mind giving up Teddy Roosevelt's forehead for five minutes.