MOSCOW, RUSSIA - MAY 28: (L to R) Jaden Smith and Will Smith attend a press conference to promote a new film 'After Earth' in

Will and Jaden Smith are the newest New York Magazine cover boys, and the father-son rapping/acting duo let us in on some curious details about the Smith family inside the issue. Unfortunately, though, we do not learn why 14-year-old Jaden is always making that face.

After a few weird sentences about vague mathematical theories and overarching life patterns—"At heart, I’m a physicist. I look at everything in my life as trying to find the single equation, the theory of everything"—Big Willie Style opens up about his and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith's unconventional parenting style. Because, after all, parents just don't understand.

"My mother worked on the school board, so she was very serious about education, and my grandmother was in the church. So there was a huge amount of discipline, and I’m trying to maintain some of the old ideals, minus the ownership," Will said.

"We don’t own our children, you know. They own themselves. Not to go too far into that, talking about slavery concepts and how the black community is carrying those..." Sounds like Will is just trying to make Jaden take full responsibility for those leopard leggings. We don't blame him.

As for the family's thoughts on the Kardashians—we know you were wondering—Will and Jaden kept mum. Actually, Jaden tried to answer a question about whether the Smiths saw themselves as "similar or different" to E!'s favorite family, but dad Will shut him up... literally. "Don't," Will stops Jaden as he begins to answer. "You know, he’s never had to, to deal with those kinds of questions." Uh... okay? Sore subject.

Finally, the most important part of the interview: When are we getting more Willow Smith music?! Not any time soon, according to her dad. "Willow chose singing and then un-chose it... At the peak of 'Whip My Hair,' she’s like, 'Daddy, I’m done.' I was like, 'Wow... No, baby, I got Annie [the upcoming movie remake, co-produced by Jay-Z], you know. It’ll be New York, you’ll be with Beyonce. You can bring your friends.' And she said, 'Daddy, I got a better idea. How about I just be 12?'" 

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