May 2, 2013


The Wonder Years Place Punk First, Pop Second on New Album Cut

Shannon Stewart for Fuse
Shannon Stewart for Fuse

The Wonder Years released another new song from their upcoming record, The Greatest Generation, today - and it's a fast one. Fast, loud and angry. Check it out "The Bastards, The Vultures, The Wolves" over at Kerrang!

This is the third-released track from the pop-punk giants' upcoming May 14 release (preorder), their fourth studio full-length and second for Hopeless Records. Compared to the other tracks we've heard from The Greatest Generation, "Bastards" stands out as the most aggressive musically and lyrically so far. 

This is obvious enough as frontman Dan "Soupy" Campbell gets the song off the ground with a cry of, I'm angry like I'm 18 again / And the walls are closing in.

The track features The Wonder Years' signature mixture of an accessible chorus complemented with an avalanche of guitars that bounce off each other. On "Bastards," the guitar work of Nick Steinborn, Casey Cavaliere and Matt Brasch is especially pronounced. As the song reaches its emotional peak in Campbell's minute-long repetition of the line, I came here looking for a fight, the three guitarists create a tumbling cacophony that ends the track in a draining, chaotic catharsis.

This isn't the first taste of The Greatest Generation we've gotten so far. Above, you can stream the album's first single, "Passing Through A Screen Door," and we've got another album cut, "Dismantling Summer," for you to spin below. 

The three songs offer up a healthy serving of what to expect from LP4, ranging from a track that sounds very much like the celebrated Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing ("PTSD") to a song with an enormous chorus ("Dismantling Summer") to today's release of a number that stands out as particularly aggressive for the sextet.

An addition to these new tracks, the band will be a headliner on the main stage of the entire Vans Warped Tour this summer to promote their new record. That promotion will kick off on May 10, with the "24-Hour Tour," where The Wonder Years will play four shows (in three different time zones!) all in one day. Check out that schedule here.