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The Musician Class of 2013: Guess Who's Most Likely to...

School's out! Take a souvenir of the 2012-2013 school year with our picks for Best Hair, Class Clown, Worst Driver and more

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Best Hair - Male: Justin Timberlake

Vittorio Zunino Celotto

As dapper as Justin Timberlake looks in a "Suit & Tie," we were more enamored by his hair during his return to music.

Just when you thought he couldn't get any more handsome, J.T. pulled out some hair relaxers for a suave, slicked back look. His signature curls be damned!

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Best Hair - Female: Demi Lovato

Jonathan Leibson

It was an exciting year for Demi Lovato with her judging spot on The X Factor and releasing fourth album Demi, but her constantly-changing tresses were equally exciting.

Throughout the past year, the former Disney star rocked traditional and nontraditional hues and wowed us each time. But she takes the cake with her flowing, chocolate brown mane (above).

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Drama King of the Year: Kanye West

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Drama Queen of the Year: Mariah Carey

James Devaney

Mariah Carey's always been rumored to be a grade-A diva, but we really saw it during her stint judging American Idol this year. 

After telling The View that fellow judge Nicki Minaj threatened to shoot her, Carey continually threw on-air shade at the rap star. We feel bad for Nicki as she thought the powerhouse singer was initially a friend

Plus, couldn't Mariah have at least clapped when Jennifer Lopez performed on the show's finale?

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Most Changed: Miley Cyrus

Christopher Polk

Her famous "She's just being Miley" phrase has taken on a whole new meaning after this school year. 

Cyrus is rocking a completely new 'dosinging about toking, spanking strippers and currently preparing a new hip hop single produced by Mike WiLL Made It. Go on with your bad self, girl!

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Class Clown: Ray J

Jeff Fusco

Dude, Ray J. All the guys in the locker room have already talked about your sex tape with Kim Kardashian.

You didn't need to put out a song called "I Hit It First" and then put a Kim look-a-like in your vid. Subtlety is the key and you do not have it.

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Valedictorian: Adam Levine

C Flanigan

Adam, this! Adam, that! We could hardly walk around the hallways without hearing his name attached to a new project. Dude has covered two seasons of The Voice, launched a clothing line, hosted SNL, sung with hip hop stars, and toured with Owl City and Neon Trees.

Hope you get to relax this summer break.

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Heartbreaker Award: Selena Gomez

Christopher Polk

Selena Gomez released the sexiest music video of her career, played a badass babe in a bikini in Spring Breakers and made Justin Bieber cry... which undoubtedly made all the millions of Beliebers cry. Who's broken more hearts than Gomez? No one.

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Heartthrob Award: Miguel

C Brandon

Everyone was so enamored with Miguel this year that even when he almost killed someone performing at the Billboard Music Awards, not even the person he jump-kicked was mad. They're now friends!

OH YEAH and the "Adorn" singer has one of the sexiest voices we've heard in decades. Kelly Clarkson agrees.

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Most Likely to be Late to Graduation: Justin Bieber

Dave J Hogan

In March, Justin Bieber showed up nearly an hour late to his London concert. And his tardiness was just the beginning of his 2013 woes.

Since then he's been writing Instagram rants, going shirtless at the airport, losing his pet monkey, shading beloved global heroes, victimized by thieves and was booed at an award show.

Hey, when Bon Jovi is calling you an "assh-le," there's a problem. Biebs, please get your life together! We are not holding up graduation for you. My grandparents are coming in from out of town!

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Most Likely to be Twerking in the Hallways: Nicki Minaj

Ethan Miller

Nicki Minaj was constantly twerking this year. Whether it was in French Montana's "Freaks" music video, her own "Beez in the Trap" vid or on live TV with Lil Wayne... we're placing bets that we'll find Nicki breaking it down in the hallway.

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Worst Driver: Lil Twist

Johnny Nunez

What kind of "friend" of Justin Bieber's borrows his car and crashes it? (Not to mention a few days later throwing a pot party at his place?) Do not get behind the wheel with Lil Twist.

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The Quiet Girl to Watch: CL of 2NE1

Jemal Countess

We didn't hear a whole lot from K-pop star CL or her group 2NE1 this year—except when they tore up two arena shows in the U.S. Turns out CL was prepping some major moves.

This month, CL's solo "hip hop-inspired" record will drop and if this teaser pic is anything to go by, it's going to be fierce. 

And if you've heard the English-speaking CL spit on Nicki Minaj's "Did It On 'Em," on will.i.am's record or with a parrot on her shoulder (seriously), this girl very well might everyone's new favorite female MC next school year.

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The Quiet Guy to Watch: Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper has been building extreme buzz ever since dropping his Acid Rap mixtape this year. The effort landed him on Complex's 10 New Chicago Rappers to Watch Out For.

Plus, have you seen the crazy faces he makes in his vids? We love to watch him—literally.

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Best Drinking Buddies: Pistol Annies

NASHVILLE, TN - MAY 03: Ashley Monroe, Anagleena Presley and Miranda Lambert (Pistol Annies) on the set, just in time for the
Rick Diamond

Pistol Annies—aka the sassy, country-pop trio of Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley—are the girls we went to for a good time this year. They played super-fun characters in music videos for "Hush Hush" and Blake Shelton's "Boys 'Round Here" video.

But we think what best explains them was a quote in a Billboard interview from Lambert on how they found the inspiration for new song "Dear Sobriety": "I was actually pouring a drink of Bacardi and turned around to Ashley and said, 'dear sobriety!'"

That's our girls. The best ideas always come from Bacardi.

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Cool Kids to Invite to Your Party: Little Mix

Dave M. Benett

Little Mix—aka UK girl group who convinced Missy Elliott to feature on their track—were the it girls at school this year. I mean, just look at their clothes and listen to their super-cool accents.

Plus, member Perrie Edwards is dating Zayn of One Direction. Translation: when you invite Little Mix to your party, Zayn and the 1D guys might show up!! OMFG!!!!


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