June 15, 2013


2 Chainz' Bodyguard Talks Robbery

Jason Kempin/Getty Images
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Last week we confirmed the news that 2 Chainz was robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco. Since then, the rapper has given varied accounts about the robbery. Now the rapper's bodyguard, Harold "Hammer Strength" Folsom, who was with the rapper during the incident, has shared his version of the story to a Columbus, Ohio radio station.

When Fuse reported on the robbery last week, a SFPD spokesperson told us that Tauheed Epps (2 Chainz' legal name) was robbed of "a wallet, credit cards, U.S. currency and cell phone." He also explained that a group of six—including the rapper—were approached by a single suspect carrying a handgun.

A shot was fired and although no one was hurt, 2 Chainz hit the ground and was robbed of his belongings.

An Island Def Jam representative declined to comment on the story and the SFPD spokesperson added that "none of the victims were being cooperative" in the ongoing investigation.

The details included in the radio interview (which has since been taken off of the Power 107.5 website but was confirmed as having taken place by MTV News) differs from the police SFPD report we received last week. 

"All of a sudden three dudes just jumped out with huge guns, .357 Magnums," Folsom said.

"They pointed the guns at us and we was like 'Whoa!' We thought it was a joke for a minute. We looked at them, we stopped, kinda paused. We thought it was a joke. Then all we heard was, '2 Chainz, give it up.' So we like stood there and didn't do anything, and we kinda like froze, 'cause we wanted to see if this was real. All of a sudden, the next thing you know, 2 Chainz kinda like backed up a little bit. And then he said, 'Give it up. Give it up.' And then all of a sudden he took off. He took off running first. When he took off running, we took off running. Then all of a sudden these dudes, they just start shooting. I don't know where they shot at."

Folsom said the incident occurred around 4:30 p.m. but he claimed nothing was successfully taken by the gunmen. He said Chainz had no money in his wallet and that they believe the entire thing was a setup. 

"We know it was a setup so, that's why he told the police we will handle it," Folsom said.

Considering the fact that Folsom's account directly contrasts that given by the SFPD, we really don't know what to think/believe at this point. But even if 2 Chainz was lucky enough to not lose any of his belongings in the robbery, that luck didn't last: Chainz was arrested for possession of mariguana and Promethazine (used to make "sizzurp") just a few days later.