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31 Flavors of Summer: Cool Songs for Hot Days

As the sunshine turns sweltering, reach for these cold and creamy audio treats served by Justin Timberlake, Kenny Chesney, Rihanna, Miles Davis and more

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What's Your Flavor?

Summer is here!!

And with it comes everything sweet in this world: sunshine, vacations, beaches, BBQs, popsicles...and, of course, soda floats. What could possibly beat the timeless taste of creamy ice cream melting into icy, fizzy soda?

To start your summer right (and give your dentist nightmares), Fuse put together 31 flavors beloved by musicians so much, they wrote songs praising the deliciousness that is rocky road, caramel sundae, coffee, cherry, cheesecake, pistachio...just pair with the right soda, and swirl.

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Justin Timberlake, "Strawberry Bubblegum"

This flavor sounds even sweeter when sung by J.T.'s smooth vocals.

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Maroon 5, "Kiwi"

Q: Is there a sweeter summer treat than having Adam Levine tell you "I wanna give you something better / Than anything you've ever had / A stronger and a faster lover"?

A: No.

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Lady Gaga, "Blueberry Kisses"

In Mother Monster's endlessly quirky ways, she offers us an unconventional flavor with "Blueberry Kisses." Didn't hear it on an album? The song was recorded in '06 or '07, but didn't make the cut for her debut LP. 

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Miguel, "Strawberry Amazing"

After landing on an audience member at the Billboard Music Awards, it became clear subtlety wasn't Miguel's strong suit. The R&B crooner wasn't going to serve us just strawberry, obviously. "Strawberry Amazing." 

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Nas & Amy Winehouse, "Cherry Wine"

This ode to the good things in life is perfect for the great summer weather.

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Owl City, "Vanilla Twilight"

Did that summer job turn out to be a bummer? Take one listen to Owl City's dreamy track and all your worries will suddenly melt away.

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Pistol Annies, "Lemon Drop"

This sassy country track features a motto we should all stick to: "My life is like a lemon drop / I'm sucking on the bitter to get to the sweet part / I know there are better days ahead."

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Lana Del Rey, "Diet Mountain Dew"

Lana serves a sweet, but low-cal option.

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Jack Johnson, "Banana Pancakes"

The singer/songwriter's laid-back delivery makes us melt. And he's imagined an ice cream we'd definitely sample.

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Kenny Chesney, "Key Lime Pie"

One listen to this sweet country jam and you'll want to fly away to the nearest tropical location. (Or maybe your town's diner)

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U2, "Lemon"

The Irish rockers serve a tart flavor.

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Tori Amos, "Raspberry Swirl"

Work up a sweat this summer rocking out with the singer-songwriter's '98 dance-rock single.

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R.E.M., "Orange Crush"

Mmmm speaking of soda pop, seriously, what's better than than quenching your thirst when you mix ice cream and soda together? Coke floats anyone?

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Rihanna, "Birthday Cake"

Mmmm. Rihanna cake.

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Orange Caramel, "Cookie, Cream & Mint"

In their latest single for the Japanese market, this adorable K-pop trio use different ice cream flavors as metaphors for the changing feelings in a relationship.

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Youth Lagoon, "Raspberry Cane"

Listen to this scrumptious, dream pop track to soundtrack a chill summer night.

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Dorrough & Fat B, "Caramel Sundae"

The rappers describe their dream girl with every ice cream topping you can imagine.

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Carly Rae Jepsen & Josh Ramsay, "Sour Candy"

Before "Call Me Maybe" broke, Jepsen crafted this tangy collab with Josh Ramsay, the frontman of Canadian band Marianas Trench. .

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Common, "Orange Pineapple Juice"

The Chicago rapper offers a refreshing drink flavor for any scorching summer day.

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The 1975, "Chocolate"

The rising UK alt-rock band is hoping their debut single–named after the classic ice cream flavor–will be a summer smash.

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City High & Eve, "Caramel"

You might remember R&B/hip hop trio City High for their Top 10 hit "What Would You Do" in 2001. This follow-up single didn't hit the same chart success. But those slick harmonies are silky smooth a la a nice caramel drizzle on your sundae.

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Yuna, "Coffee"

We hope the Malaysian singer-songwriter is sipping iced coffee this summer as she sings of letting go to a past love.

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112, "Peaches & Cream"

The R&B quartet had a summer smash in 2001 with this smooth Top 5 hit.

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Ratatat, "Cherry"

After a long day of surfing, swimming, biking, tanning or sand castle building, listen to electronic delicacy to lull you to sleep.

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Louis Armstrong, "Cheesecake"

In his hey day, Satchmo was famous for his trumpeting skills and love of food, heard in songs like the whimsical "Cheesecake." Other compositions like "Cornet Chop Suey" and "Struttin' With Some Barbeque" also detail his love of good eatin', but don't sound nearly as appetizing of ice cream flavors.

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Lisa Hannigan, "Pistachio"

In case the traditional chocolate or vanilla isn't up your alley, sample this Irish singer-songwriter's chill "Pistachio" track.

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RuPaul & Big Freedia, "Peanut Butter"

You best be ready to twerk to this dedication to the delicious ice cream flavor/ sandwich topping. (p.s. NSFW-ish accompanying video)

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Miles Davis, "Chocolate Chip"

This hip hop-jazz concoction is lifted from 1992 LP Doo-Bop, the legendary artists' last album. Bittersweet, yes, but the track is still super tasty to the ears.

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Goldfrapp, "Black Cherry"

Chillax with a woozy, electro-pop treat from the UK duo.

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Perfume, "Sweet Donuts"

Need a burst of energy this summer? This Japanese trio pack a punch with their techno-pop confections like "Sweet Donuts."

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Havana Brown, "Big Banana"

The Aussie DJ wants a big banana... to put on top of her ice cream sundae!

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Weird Al Yancovik, "I Love Rocky Road"

And if you really love an ice cream flavor—like Weird Al and Rocky Road—you record a song dedicated to it.

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