June 17, 2013


Action Bronson on Signing to Major Label & Getting LL Cool J on "Jeeps" Remix

Long before Action Bronson signed a major label contract, the once-indie artist was raking in the dough simply by touring. But when the big labels came knocking, he certainly opened the door. Fuse caught up with Bronson at Bonnaroo—where we also sat down with Wu-Tang ClanMacklemore and Kendrick Lamar—to talk about why he decided to leave the indie world behind.

"As an artist you want to be the biggest artist you can be," the Queens rapper says. "I'm not gonna sell myself short and just be an indie artist. I didn't have aspirations to be a rapper, or an indie artist. I didn't have a label. So things are happening and I am not gonna be like 'no.' I am gonna do it my way. I am not gonna follow anyone in a suit. That's not me."  

Now Bronson just needs a crossover track. So he made the conscious choice to give his latest track "Strictly 4 My Jeeps" bona-fide mainstream potential.

"I am not gonna lie...I did (make a crossover record)," Bronson says. "I thought to myself, 'What kind of record can I do that New York DJs will be playing from a New York artist?' So we decided to go with an old school sample."

So how could the track be an even bigger hit? Put LL Cool J on the remix, of course.  

"It was wild how it happened," Bronson recalls. "He was at the Grammys and (my manager) got him on the verse. Now if we can do a video and get LL on the video..."

Agreed. Let's make that happen!