June 14, 2013


HAIM Stop Bonnaroo Show to Kiss & Abduct Adorable Little Boy

Ariel LeBeau for Fuse
Ariel LeBeau for Fuse

There's nothing new, or effective, about dudes jockeying for a kiss at a festival via signage, shirts or drunken exhortations. But a boy named Asa managed to charm HAIM so completely that the Cali-based indie trio stopped their set at Bonnaroo to kiss him and bring him up onstage.

His secret? Being four years old.

Midway through an exuberant, surprisingly rocking set that stood as a Thursday highlight of the Tennessee music fest, bassist Este Haim spotted a little boy on his father's shoulders holding a curiously specific homemade sign reading "Kiss Me Este."

"Oh. My. God. Stop the show," the eldest sister gushed as she pointed out the boy. Unlike most times someone says, "Stop the show!," HAIM actually did put their set on hiatus to fete the little guy. "I think we owe him this," Este said as she ran across stage, jumped off and planted one on his cheek.

After exchanging introductions, Este scooped him into her arms and brought him onstage to enjoy the next song from a privileged vantage point. The kid danced his joy throughout the song.

Compounding the cuteness was Asa's festival fashion accoutrement: Oversized yellow headphones. Those were presumably to protect him from ending up deaf at 12 if his parents are cool enough to take him to this sort of thing with regularity. Either that or he was secretly listening to the Wiggles, but given his enthusiasm for HAIM's Fleetwood-esque harmonizing and buoyant melodies, that seems unlikely.

As a security guard carried Asa back to the crowd, he waved goodbye to HAIM appreciatively but casually. His guileless delight—the kind that disappears somewhere around first grade—made it seem as if he does this thing every weekend. Which, after the success of this sign, might become true.