June 16, 2013


Couldn't Make Bonnaroo? Just Take Our Interactive Tour!

Well, hello there! So, there are 80,000 people here on 780 acres of land. Where do we start? How 'bout right here! Click below so we can get acquainted:

"Boys, get ready to lose your girlfriends!"- Bonnaroo Babe. Interested in chiseled abs, quivering biceps with tatted sleeves and golden flowing locks? Thought so! Meet the Hottest Babes of Bonnaroo:

WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. Find out just what making a bathroom "nest" is and why many concertgoers are now considering bleach baths. We present to you, the Toilets of Bonnaroo:

Culture! Release! Bags of fake urine! Find out what the #*@% Slap the Bag is:

What's Bonnaroo like after dark? Meet us between the carousel and the cuckoo clock, step around the girl hula hooping with the unicorn mask, and we'll tell ya!

Why the heck would the place you go to sleep like sardines with your face in the dirt be "The greatest place to have a great freaking time"? Well, oversized Jenga, pimped-out school busses and bizarro crafts for starters. Take a trip to Tent City:

Actual showers are for losers; opt for the adult splash pad with the giant mushroom fountain instead. Whether or not you actually come out clean is in the eye of the beholder. Find out more about the sights—and smells—here:

That's all folks!