June 25, 2013


David Lynch Sing-Speaks the Blues on "Star Dream Girl"

If you missed (or deliberately avoided) director David Lynch's debut album Crazy Clown Time, you may not have that luxury this time around. 

It seems the art house all-star is quite serious about his music career and is prepping to unleash his second album, The Big Dream, on the world July 16. Despite your better judgment, you may find yourself inexplicably compelled to sample to his odd brand of speaker-songwriter (as opposed to singer-songwriter) this go-around. "Star Dream Girl" is the first track featuring his own vocals to drop from the senior's sophomore LP. (Lykke Li handled lead on a legitimately awesome collabo called "I'm Waiting Here" that came out earlier this month.) 

Like so much of Lynch's oeuvre, this song is filtered through an eerily slanted take on retro nostalgia. Recalling early rock n' roll and '50s soul-blues, Lynch sing-speaks a tale of a charismatic female singer who stands up her audience. It's inspired by an experience of his own from 1961 when he went to see Jerry Lee Lewis for what turned out to be a no-show concert in the desert. Yes, that story sounds fairly apocryphal, but who cares? It's David Lynch. It's not supposed to make sense. 

Listen to Lynch's strangely compelling brand of music and stay tuned for his upcoming cover of Bob Dylan's "The Ballad of Hollis Brown," which will either change your perspective on everything or be a complete abomination.