June 19, 2013


Guess Who's Back? Eminem Returns With "Symphony in H"

We haven't heard from Slim Shady since his 2010 album Recovery, and one would think the time off might've calmed him down. Nope. 

Eminem is back with a vengeance with his contribution to DJ Tony Touch’s upcoming project PieceMaker 3: Return of the 50 MCs. His track's called "Symphony in H." The H, by the way, stands for "hate." 

And in case you were wondering, yes, women, he's still mad at you: "I hate to put you on ice but you already had three periods in 60 minutes, great going / Plus you remind me of cocaine / You always in the mirror with your face / So I feel an urge to put you all in a line and chop you with a razor blade."

PieceMaker 3: Return of the 50 MCs drops June 25. Eminem's new album is out sometime "after Memorial Day."