June 24, 2013


A Comprehensive Guide to Food at Firefly Music Festival

No matter your musical taste, Firefly Music Festival has something for you. The lineup is the epitome of eclectic, it featured rock (Red Hot Chili PeppersTom Petty & the Heartbreakers) hip hop (Kendrick LamarAzealia Banks) buzz bands (JapandroidsChvrches), pop-rock mainstays (Passion PitMGMT), folk (Delta Rae, Lord Huron) and DJs (ZeddCalvin Harris).

But there's more to the festival than the music. Attendees can enjoy hammock hangouts, an arcade, campgrounds, merch tents, a silent disco, and even a ride on a hot air balloon!

And then there's the food.  

No longer are festivalgoers limited to hot dogs and funnel cakes. Sure, you can get those at Firefly, but you can also sample a wide variety of cuisines—both healthy and (mostly) not.

Below, you'll find a list of all 23 food vendors at Firefly along with their signature dish and some assorted observations. Bon appetit! 

Burger Joint: the most abundant of the vendors, there were four of these spread out along the grounds.

-Signature Dish: three specialty burgers based on acts playing the festival:
1. Tom’s American Girl (beef burger topped with bacon, bbq sauce, cheddar cheese, and onion rings)
2. Californication (turkey burger with sweet cranberry orange relish and a spring salad mix
3. Electric Feel (portabella mushroom cap with smoked provolone, chipotle aioli, sauteed peppers and onions)

Fresh Philly: I didn't ask, but I don't think they used Whiz.

-Signature Dish: Philly cheesesteak

 Sausage Haus

-Signature Dish: Italian sausage

 Sherri’s Crab Cakes: I'm not sure if I would trust the freshness of the seafood by Day 3, but it was constantly packed.

-Signature Dish: crab cake sandwich

Buntings Popcorn Station: For some reason this wasn't anywhere near the Forest Cinema.  Poor planning on their part.

-Signature Dish: movie popcorn

Bearclaw Coffee Co.: The eponymous bearclaws sold out every day well before closing.

-Signature Dish: iced coffee

Fresh Co. 

-Signature Dish: strawberry salad

Front Porch Southern Hospitality

-Signature Dish: bite-sized chicken waffles

Sweet Tooth

-Signature Dish: homemade ice cream cookie sandwich

New Kitchen: I have no idea what their Coney sauce was made of.

-Signature Dish: Coney dog (topped with Coney sauce, white onions, and yellow mustard)

Lemongrass Asian Bistro

-Signature Dish: Korean BBQ tacos

Salud Mexican Grill

-Signature Dish: loaded nachos

Grotto Pizza: $6 for a slice? I miss NYC!

-Signature Dish: BBQ chicken slice

R&C Thai-Chinese BBQ: Their food-on-a-stick may be easy to handle, but it looked like roadkill.

-Signature Dish: chicken teriyaki on a stick

Southernmost Falafel: Also the place to buy fried Oreos and funnel cakes. You know, those Arabic favorites.

-Signature Dish: Jerry rolls (six types of veggies served with homemade duck sauce)


-Signature Dish: golden kettle corn.

Island Noodles: By far the most popular booth at Firefly.  Although that may have to do with its prominent placement by the main stage.

-Signature Dish: Hawaiian-style wok-fired soba noodles

Hank’s Cheesecake: Whoever this Hank fellow is, he’s a genius.

-Signature Dish: Angel Wing (frozen cheesecake on a stick, dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with pecans)

Hamilton’s Wrap Station

-Signature Dish: Asian lettuce wrap

American Grill: The artery clogger, with cheeseburgers, corn dogs, and fries.

-Signature Dish: chicken finger basket

Bringzee’s Italian Ice

-Signature Dish: Firefly (swirl of lemon, lemon-lime, and raspberry)

The Squeeze: The top health food option.

-Signature Dishes: moc & cheese (quinoa pasta and raw cashew cheddar) and kale quinoa salad

Cipriani’s Concessions: The stand at the farthest reaches of the festival grounds.  But well worth the trek for delicious desserts.

-Signature Dish: Stromboli