June 26, 2013


Watch Now: Frank Ocean Debuts Three New Songs Live

Good news: Frank Ocean is road-testing new material live and debuted three new tracks Tuesday night during a gig in Munich, Germany. Better yet: It sounds a bit like he said it would—influenced by the Beatles and the Beach Boys, but filtered through his signature Cali-soul style.

Ocean's breakout 2012 album Channel Orange recalled Stevie Wonder, but the Los Angeles singer-songwriter recently said he was listening to the dueling '60s rock bands "for inspiration and to absorb the energies" for his next LP. 

"We'll see how it trickles into the music and the final product," he said of the upcoming LP, which is apparently "bordering on a concept record." Well, now we know... kinda.

The three songs, above and below, are based around keyboards and classic melodies that hint of the Boys' crazy-genius Brian Wilson, especially "Track #4" (below), which has mournful horns, swirling psych-funk guitar and trippy synths. In general, the songs' structures are slow-building with experimental rhythms and noticeably less R&B/hip hop feel. It's hardly The White Album or Pet Sounds, but this is definitely an exciting turn for Ocean's sound. 

So... how long until his next album arrives? Not. Soon. Enough.