Scott Gries

There is a whole world of language used in G-Thing that you may not be too familiar with. G Fella, his friends, his associates and his family have acquired their own slang throughout the years, and these words are used regularly during the show. 

To help get you up to speed, we've put together a "mob dictionary" of sorts. Check out 15 key terms and definitions below, along with audio clips of G Fella pronouncing the words. Don't worry, there's no quiz later – but make sure you know these words before you catch G-Thing.

Associate (n.) - One who works with mobsters. Is almost the "made guy."

Borgata [boor-gah-ta] (n.) – A crime familiar

Bruiser (n.) – Someone who is tough and not easily taken down

Cheech [cheeeeeeeech] (n.) – Marijuana 

College life (n.) – Jail time

Consigliere [con-slee-air-eee] (n.) – The counselor for the boss of a mafia family

Earner (n.) – A hard worker who is of good value to the family

Empty suit (n.) – Someone very focused on their own image, who has little importance or brings nothing to the table.

Facia bruta [fatch-ah broot-ah] (adj.) - Ugly face

Fence (n.) – A buyer or seller of stolen merchandise

Goomah [goomah] (n.) – A mistress / girl on the side

Muscle (n.) – Someone paid in service to do the work or hardships of another

Puttana [poo-tan-ah] (n.) – A woman who sells her body for money / very promiscuous

Schifosa [shkee-voh-sah] – A very unattractive woman

Stugots [stoog-awts] (n.) – Testicles