June 9, 2013


Gucci Mane Says Waka Flocka Will be on Compilation Despite Feud

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Looks like there is no need for Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka to kiss and make up in order to hear them on the same compilation.

Speaking to FADER, Gucci explained that despite current disagreements, Flocka would in fact be on his label's new compilation album.

"He’ll definitely be on the album, just because we’ve recorded so much material to date that we were planning to put on the Brick Squad album anyway," Mane said. 

"So no matter if we work things out or not, whether he drops his next album on 1017 Brick Squad or Brick Squad Monopoly or however the situation works out, he definitely will be on the Brick Squad album. Those songs are already recorded."

Mane also mentioned that Waka Flocka is contractually obligated to release three additional albums via 1017 Brick Squad.

Mane signed the Brooklyn rapper after he started Brick Squad upon ending his partnership with So Icey Entertainment in 2007. The rappers got embroiled in a Twitter war back in March during which Mane announced that he was dropping Waka Flocka from his label. 

Mane explained the source of the beef in his interview:

"Waka decided he wanted to have his own label and put out some of his own artists cause he’s got a lot of people that he collaborate with and a lot of artists that love to work with him."

"But both me and Waka are signed to 1017 Brick Squad records, with a partnership with Atlantic right now."

But even though it looks like Gucci Mane has Flocka by his...contract, is there a chance that their once tight friendship could be brought back from the dead?

"I hope so. This isn’t the first time that me and Waka been at odds with each other," Mane said. "We always work it out. This is like the sixth or seventh time. I don’t see no difference between this and the last one."