June 25, 2013


10 Things We Learned From HAIM's 'Fader' Feature

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images
Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Los Angeles sister trio HAIM have garnered a ridiculous amount of buzz from just three singles. They topped the BBC's Sound of 2013 list (like Adele and Ellie Goulding before them) and have opened for big-name acts like Mumford & Sons and Florence + the Machine. The girls also nailed their U.S. TV debut earlier this month on Letterman.

Fader magazine hung out with lead vocalist/guitarist Danielle Haim, bassist Este Haim and guitarist Alana Haim for a new cover story. Check out the full piece here. Below are 10 facts to help introduce you to the rising buzz band.

1. The sisters have talented parents
Dad is former professional Israeli soccer player, brought to the U.S. by an American recruiter, and mom is onetime folk singer turned L.A. disco queen.

2. HAIM started as a cover band with their parents 
Known as Rockinhaim, the five-member family band performed "'70s and '80s rock covers every two or three months, mostly at street fairs and fundraisers," writes Fader scribe Duncan Cooper.

3. Este and Danielle were in teen girl group Valli Girls
Cooper writes, "Though writing and recording had oddly been completed before the sisters joined, they co-starred in a number of music videos, including the pop-punk theme to the Trollz doll TV show and 'Born to Lead,' sponsored by CosmoGIRL." 

4. The sisters sing 2 Chainz and Disney mashups while driving
First, Danielle and Alana quietly hum but  "soon, prompted by god knows what, they all suddenly shout a line by 2 Chainz: 'She got a big booty / So I call her Big Booty.' Este takes off on a medley of Disney songs, with Alana singing doting backup and Danielle drumming hard on her black-jeaned thigh."

5. Este first wanted to be an actress
The lone theatre geek of the Haim family, who won a "best female monologue in the city" contest at age 16 says, "Now, I just want to play on Saturday Night Live." 

6. The girls are total procrastinators
During the interview the band were "cramming sessions for eight unfinished songs into the remaining 10 days" booked in the studio.

7. Haim are re-recording select tracks for upcoming LP
Cooper sat in on a session as HAIM re-recorded single "Forever" with producer Ariel Rechtshaid (Usher, Charli XCX, Alex Clare), even though it was uploaded to YouTube June 2012.

8. Este's phone number is on the Internet
The writer noticed the bassist had 467 unread text messages. Why? "Last year, in the middle of a performance that was broadcast online, she gave her number to a guy in the front row. Every day now she's inundated [with texts], and she replies to most," he explained.

9. Tom Cruise inspires the in-the-works album...?
Cooper writes that new LP track "Twin Shadow" has "an opening bit suited for the soundtrack to Top Gun..." Rad! 

10. Danielle once invited enigmatic British producer/singer Jai Paul to a show via email
The band's lead vocalist wrote to him, expressing her admiration along with the invite. He didn't respond until three weeks later, but had only nice things to say about HAIM.

If you want more HAIM, check their latest single "Falling" (a Song of the Day pick from February) and look out for their full-length LP, which the trio told Fuse will be out "by the end of summer, hopefully."