June 26, 2013


Is Jay-Z Planning Concert on Top of Ed Sullivan Theater?

Prince Williams/Getty Images
Prince Williams/Getty Images

Jay-Z has been a stadium performer for years now, but according to a New York Post report, the rapper is hoping to get approval from New York City to perform atop the marquee of the Ed Sullivan Theater.

The "surprise" show, which is not really a surprise at all given that it's been announced for July 8, is not a go just yet. As Gothamist points out, NYC mayor/chief hater Michael Bloomberg killed plans for a similar 2010 show with Jay-Z and Eminem, forcing the duo to move to the roof. It's been done.

“If he gets permission from the mayor’s office, it’s going to be off the hook,” a law-enforcement source reportedly told the Post, using the kids' slang. “They’ll have to shut down Broadway around the Letterman building. They’ll have to have a strong police presence. It’s going to be chaos with so many fans.”

No word on if Jay will need any menorahs for the performance.