June 20, 2013


Jay-Z Is Now Free to Conquer the NBA

Jim McIsaac
Jim McIsaac

You think only us creative underclasses have separate night gigs to supplement our income? As Jay-Z preps for the upcoming release of his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail Louisiana Purchase Manifest Destiny, ESPN reports (Via Sports Business Journal) that a spokesman for Roc Nation Sports confirmed that the rapper is now a licensed NBA agent.

After starting Roc Nation Sports In April, the mogul planned to give up his ownership stake in the Brooklyn Nets to pursue his dream of becoming an agent and conquering (presumably) the sports world. It will happen, people. It's when, not if. ESPN, though, is reporting that as of yesterday, Jigga hadn't sold off his stake, a legal requirement that must be done in order to actually sign players.

Basketball, of course, isn't the only sport Jay-Z wants to take over. The National Football League Players' Association met with Roc Nation to determine if the mogul violated the rules by trying to recruit New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith while still not certified. Smith tweeted a picture of himself sitting with the rapper with the quote, "Two men who stand on their own two feet. We only share ideas and motivate each other!," which many interpreted as a sign that Smith either was or was planning to sign with Roc Nation Sports. Jay has no time for your "rules", man.