June 16, 2013


Kanye, Jay-Z Producer Stole Unreleased Tupac Tracks

Raymond Boyd
Raymond Boyd

Ever wonder where the seemingly endless stream of posthumous Tupac Shakur tracks come from? Well, we now know that at least six came courtesy of former Rap-A-Lot producer Mike Dean who recently admitted to swiping tracks from infamous CEO and executive producer Suge Knight.

In an interview with HuffPost Live, Dean—who has worked with the likes of Scarface, 2 Pac, Jay-Z and Kanye West—spoke about his relationship with Shakur and the intimidating Knight.

“[2 Pac, Scarface, and I] hung out," Dean said. "He played the Makaveli album for us, uncut, where he was talking about all the people he hated. All the stuff they took out of the album. Lots of shots at Puffy, and B.I.G., Dre, saying their names, [and how he] was going to kill them.”

Knight kept the most controversial 2 Pac songs from being released. And after the California rapper was killed on September 13, 1996 Dean had access to dozens of his songs. He took some of those tracks unbeknownst to Knight. He explained:

“After [2Pac] died, Daz Dillinger and I stole a bunch of reels from Suge Knight. We released like six songs that were really crazy talking.”

Dean claims that he was not worried about any revenge plays for the stolen songs by the towering Death Row CEO.

“I’m not worried about Suge,” he said. “I came from Rap-A-Lot. They learned their gangsta from us.”

For more fun rap tales, including the time Suge Knight smacked an engineer, Tha Dogg Pound hid from Knight in Dean's apartment and the producer had to pull a gun on a pal at work watch the full interview below!