June 13, 2013


Watch Kanye West Record "I Am A God" With Rick Rubin

For the last few weeks, the front page of Kanye West's website has looked like it's been stuck in the year 1996. With just a photo of a his upcoming album Yeezus and a spinning globe that looks like it was copied and pasted straight from an old Netscape page, fans haven't been given much fuel to fire their anticipation for the new album.

Until last night, when Yeezy posted some very raw footage of him recording the Yeezus track "I Am A God" in the studio with famed producer Rick Rubin. In the 30-second clip, we get a glimpse of the beautiful, palm tree-filled view out of Kanye's studio window as well as a few lines from the upcoming track (that we caught when we heard the song during his performance at Governors Ball). There's also just enough time for some banter between Rubin and 'Ye about how "stacking millions" is relatable. Which is, of course, a joke, which we're glad Kanye still knows how to do from time to time.

Check out the video above, and put another X on your Yeezus countdown calendar. June 18 is almost here.