June 5, 2013


Kanye West's "New Slaves": Hear a Snippet of the Studio Version

UPDATE: Sad face. This snippet has been taken down.

The good news: This alleged studio version of Kanye West's Yeezus track "New Slaves" sounds great, and we can finally hear the lyrics clearly. The bad news: The snippet's only a minute long. Eh, can't win 'em all.

Just two weeks out from the release date (June 18), Yeezy fans are clamoring for any news about Kanye's much anticipated sixth studio album. And, because he's never been one to make things easy for us, Kanye seems to be skipping a traditional album promotion tour in favor of few public appearances (the season finale of SNL, a quick stop at NYC's Governors Ball this weekend) and no official single in advance of the album's release.

Until we can finally hear Yeezus in full, this "New Slaves" snippet and the mysterious looping sample on his website will have to do... unless he surprises us again with some more giant projections on the sides of buildings.