June 5, 2013


One of Lady Gaga's Fake Nails Sold at Auction for $12,000

Ian Gavan/Getty Images
Ian Gavan/Getty Images

While you're hoping your rent check doesn't bounce, someone else just paid $12,000 at auction for one of Lady Gaga's fake fingernails. Priorities!

The "Bad Romance" singer wore a set of black acrylic nails featuring gold embellishments to the launch of her Fame fragrance last September. The next day, she wore the same nails to her Born This Way Ball tour stop in Dublin, and that's when one of the nails fell off of her finger. The nail was then recovered by a member of the stage crew (we hope that's in their union contract)... and now it just sold for the price of a new car.

In addition to the fake nail, the lucky (too-rich-for-their-own-good) buyer will also take home extra Gaga memorabilia, including a photo of Lady Gaga performing in Dublin that shows the nail in question missing from her finger. Which will definitely show all the haters who thought the purchase was a bad idea.