June 1, 2013


Liam Gallagher Will Make You Like New Beady Eye Material


Hot on the heels of his recent announcement that he "could write daft punk's 'Get Lucky' in an hour," Liam Gallagher had some other choice things to say in an interview yesterday. Namely, "f-ck you!" to Oasis fans boycotting his new band Beady Eye.

"I feel there’s a lot of people just f-cking boycotting what Beady Eye do just for some stupid f-cking reason," the outspoken British singer songwriter told The Quietus. "‘We’ll boycott that sh-t no matter what they do because it ain’t Oasis and we want Oasis’ and all that kind of thing. Well f-ck you! We’ve experimented or whatever it is, what more do you f-cking want?"

He also explained that, Oasis fan boycotts or not, people WILL like the new Beady Eye album! And that, apparently, means a whole lot of touring—don't expect the guys to give up on the new LP without a fight:

"We’ll tour the arse off this regardless of whether people like it or not—we’ll make them f-cking like it—and then maybe we’ll have a little bit of a longer break than usual instead of going back in the studio and going, "what about this one?" F-ck that sh-t."

Speaking of liking Beady Eye, decide for yourself—you can watch Gallagher perform new LP single "Flick Of The Finger" live here.

And if you still aren't sold on Liam's new sound, never fear, he is still rocking some Oasis classics and isn't afraid of a little fan service every now and then. But that doesn't mean Gallagher is looking for an easy way to catapult Beady Eye into Oasis sized arenas.

"The reason we decided to play them songs was because we were asked to do The Stone Roses gig [in Heaton Park] and there were a lot of kids in that crowd that like [Oasis] so we thought, we’ve finished the tour without playing them so we threw them in to add to the sense of the occasion," Gallagher said.

"And then people liked it and then we did it again and we did it again. It’s not a biggie. We might play them again, we might not but we’re not doing it to get out of playing small sh-tholes and into arenas. We’re not doing [Oasis songs] for any other reason than, "why not?"