June 10, 2013


Marilyn Manson Simulates Suicide Onstage, Dedicates "Disposable Teens" to Paris Jackson

Days after Paris Jackson's suicide attempt by slitting her wrists with a meat cleaver, Marilyn Manson simulated the act onstage and dedicated a song to the trouble teen. The song: "Disposable Teens." How sensitive.

The shock-rock star opened his June 6 show in Los Angeles by announcing, "This song is for Paris Jackson," then launched into the 2001 single. Manson then put a meat cleaver to his arm, simulating Jackson's cutting. Watch footage above and see a photo here.

Manson's heartfelt dedication comes after reports claiming that Jackson's suicide attempt was spurred by being told she couldn't attend a Manson concert. Manson later offered support to Michael Jackson's famous daughter, saying, "You will be on my guest list anytime you want. I hope you feel better."