June 24, 2013


Destiny's Child's Michelle Williams Sings to God in Soulful New Single

This year has seen new material from Destiny's Child members Beyonce ("Grown Woman," "Rise Up"), Kelly Rowland (Talk a Good Game LP) and lastly Michelle Williams, who now returns with a soul-stirring single, "If We Had Your Eyes," in advance of her new album due this summer.

She sings about God's universal perspective: "People judge from what they see / But Lord, you see the whole heart / If we had your eyes / We'd see things right." 

The R&B track ends with a monologue: "God, if I had Your eyes... / I'd be more patient / God, help me to see things the way You see things / Did I already say help me be patient? / I'll say it again." Do the lyrics indicate that Williams is willing to wait for her spotlight moment, a la X Factor-judging Rowland and festival-headlining Bey?

Williams burned up dance floors with 2008 singles "We Break the Dawn" and "Hello Heartbreak." But her latest sounds like a modern take on her first solo records, the gospel albums Heart to Yours and Do You Know