June 22, 2013


Nas Remixes J. Cole's "Let Nas Down"

Nas recently took to twitter to post a remix. But it was not just any remix; it was a musical response to the J. Cole track "Let Nas Down"—the very candid and aching single from Cole's recent album, Born Sinner, about disappointing his idol.

Along with the link to the track, Nas wrote #MadeNasProud. Follwed by another tweet that just said: 

"#MadeNasProud #MadeNasProud #MadeNasProud #MadeNasProud #MadeNasProud #MadeNasProud #MadeNasProud #MadeNasProud #MadeNasProud"

Early this month, J. Cole talked to Fuse about Born Sinner and the story behind "Let Nas Down."

"That song is just special. It's a long story that has to do with how I came up in the game," he said. Cole said that he was putting out mixtapes but "waiting around for an album release date from the label."

"Fast forward: It's two years [later] and I still don't have an album release date. But I made this song ... 'Work Out.' I was excited that I had made something that I felt was a guaranteed smash. So I finally put out the single and it was the worst response I've ever gotten on any song I've put out."

And worst of all Nas, his idol, was one of the biggest haters. Cole explained that producer No I.D. called and asked why he had released the song, adding "I was in the studio with Nas and we were talking about you, like, why'd he put out that song?"

Eventually "Work Out" became a huge success, but that still didn't mitigate the pain. "I was hurt on the inside because I really idolize Nas," Cole said.

But it looks like today might have changed all that. On the remix, Nas raps:

“You made your n-gga Nas proud/ You ain’t let Nas down”

J. Cole closed the chapter by responding on Twitter:

"Today is special. Full circle moment. @nas it's on you"

Check out Nas' "Let Nas Down" remix here.

Watch our full interview with J. Cole below: