June 25, 2013


New Nine Inch Nails Album Started as Greatest Hits Project

Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic
Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

A few days after unveiling the tracklist for Nine Inch Nails' secretly recorded new album, Trent Reznor spoke with L.A.'s KROQ radio and explained how Hesitation Marks became an album despite his initial intention.

Reznor told the alternative radio station he began writing material just to put a couple new songs on a greatest hits compilation, as NIN owes its old label Interscope a 'best of' comp. But "a couple songs led to a couple more songs" and Reznor "seized the moment of inspiration," turning the project into an entirely new NIN album—the band's first since going on hiatus in 2009.

Reznor also explained teaming up with Columbia after releasing the last two NIN albums independently. The Academy Award winner said he had an "excellent experience" with Columbia when they released the debut of his side project, How to Destroy Angels, and so he was up for "doing something a bit different" for this album. He said that unlike past albums, he's giving up a lot of the promotional control and is leaving the decision to release videos for Hesitation Marks tracks entirely up to Columbia.

So far the label is doing right by him and fans: They've tapped master craftsman David Lynch to direct "Came Back Haunted," which he revealed will likely drop this week. And even if you're not crazy about Lynch's music, you gotta admit his dark, idiosyncratic cinematic style is a perfect fit for Reznor's industrial rock.