June 17, 2013


The Bands of Summer: The Essential Pop-Punk Playlist

Pop-punk was made for summertime. 

With easy melodies, high-flying hooks and plainly catchy tunes all around, the genre has served as a soundtrack for beach parties, road trips and all things summer for years. And to celebrate summer finally rolling in, we've created a Spotify playlist highlighting the best of the genre from every movement and decade. 

We sorted through some 20-odd years of pop-punk to bring forth songs from many of the most adored names in the genre. Pioneers like the Descendents are represented, all the way on down to today's most notable bands bearing the pop-punk flag. In some cases, we chose to forego the top singles - you won't find "Ocean Avenue" or "Basket Case" here - in favor of presenting a slightly deeper cut. 

Regardless, these 50 songs are prime choices to blast throughout the season while you're enjoying the heat and reliving this genre's best moments.