June 23, 2013


Rihanna Lights Up Two Behemoth Joints

Photo Credit: Rihanna/Instagram
Photo Credit: Rihanna/Instagram

L.A. is a dangerous place for musicians who love the reefer—just ask 2 Chainz.
So, wisely, Rihanna jetted to Amsterdam before sending out an ode to marijuana photo album via Instagram.

The bevy of pics included several of RiRi with two XXXL sized joints—and two lighters, one sultry exhale pic, several random peeps gettin' high snapshots and one James Dean-esque pose with #LegalizeIt". 

Oh, and she's sporting one badass bright pink beanie with a veil, a mermaid tee-shirt and (natch) oodles of diamonds in all of them.

In case you're shocked and appalled that the "Unrated" singer would do such a thing, this isn't the first time she's proclaimed her affection for the herb in a public forum. In April she posted this (impeccably well executed) marijuana-leaf shaped cake a fan made her in celebration of 4/20! 

We realize here at Fuse that this recent development could mean a number of things:

1. Will Rihanna stay in Amsterdam or opt for stateside sanctuary in Colorado?
2. Who reps harder: RiRi or Miley
3. Is this merely a thinly veiled "collabo?" aimed at Snoop Lion
4. Can we have a piece of that cake?