June 6, 2013


Hitmaker Sean Garrett Details Usher, Future & Trey Songz Collabs

Sean Garrett is the producer-songwriter behind many major R&B and pop hits—Beyonce's "Diva," Ciara's "Goodies," Pussycat Dolls "Buttons." But his work with Usher, namely No. 1s "Yeah!" and "Papers," may be his most notable. And now that duo are back at work.

Garrett tells Fuse the two just hit the studio last month. "He allows me to create," he says of their workflow. "And he's creative. He might walk in and say, 'I love that' or 'I don't love that' but I'mma try it."

In fact, Usher didn't love "Yeah!" (one of the biggest hits of the past decade) on first listen. "It was incredible how he snapped into that zone," he explains. "He didn't necessarily love it at first. He just allowed me to give him my ideas and I was very open to his. It made me write an incredible song."

While balancing production and songwriting work, Garrett is also pushing his solo career with new single "Twilight Zone," featuring Trey Songz and Future.

"It’s three young R&B stars that are all different," he says of the track from his forthcoming mixtape The Inkwell 2, out in July. "It's sexy, urban, got a street vibe. It's an eerie song. I wanted to put the artists that felt like that had that edge to them."

Listen to "Twilight Zone" below.