June 11, 2013


Study Finds Festivalgoers Prefer Drugs, Alcohol and Sex to Live Music

Roger Kisby/Getty Images
Roger Kisby/Getty Images

A new MSN U.K. poll surveyed 2,000 festivalgoers and found that—shocker—most of them would rather spend time doing drugs, drinking and having sex than actually watching the bands they paid hundreds of dollars to see. 

Only 45% of people polled said they went to festivals for the music, while the rest of the audience went for the... extracurriculars. More than 25% of festivalgoers admitted to sleeping with a stranger at a festival, while 21% admitted to taking drugs (which has got to be half of the actual number, come on). Another 13% said they'd gotten in a fight while rocking out. 

The funniest figure, though, is probably the 47% of people who admitted to having done something they'd "never consider doing outside of the music festival environment." No word on what those sinful activities might be, but at least half of that 47% probably meant "wear a feather headdress in public."

George McKay, Professor of Cultural Studies at Salford University, told NME, "Music festivals continue to be places where we can escape reality and subvert the rules—whatever age we happen to be." So rage on, underwear guy.