June 17, 2013


'The Hustle' Star Erica Dickerson's Personal Playlist

Barry J. Holmes for Fuse
Barry J. Holmes for Fuse

Fuse's new series The Hustle premieres this Wednesday at 11/10C, and with a show so entrenched in the world of hip hop, we had to find out what the stars of The Hustle are listening to.

Erica Dickerson plays A&R rep Ya-Ya, who works her ass off trying to get best-friends D and Kutta (rap duo Brooklyn's Finest) signed to Flatbush Records.

Erica may not really work A&R for a record label, but the actress does take her music seriously. From Kendrick Lamar to Sbtrkt to Biggie, listen to The Hustle star Erica Dickerson's personally curated playlist now:

Learn more about actress Erica Dickerson and her Hustle alter ego Ya-Ya in our exclusive interview: