June 5, 2013


Thursday Frontman Geoff Rickly Robbed at Gunpoint

Roger Kisby/Getty Images
Roger Kisby/Getty Images

This has been a crappy week for former Thursday and current United Nations frontman Geoff Rickly.

The post-hardcore mainstay was robbed at gunpoint Monday night, with the emo-hating thief making off with Rickly's iPad, iPhone, wallet and, most importantly, epilepsy medicine. Side note: Only a special type of dick steals epilepsy medicine, but let's move on.

Rickly first tweeted this cryptic message Monday night...

...before detailing the whole ordeal:

Despite the band going on indefinite hiatus, fans have flocked to Rickly's situation, with a Reddit page linking to the musician's Bandcamp page already set up if you feel like finally giving money to a musician.

Thursday last released an album in 2011 with No Devolucion, before announcing a kinda sorta ok basically over split. "Despite the fantastic year that the band has enjoyed, creatively, things haven’t been as easy for us on a personal level," the band said in a statement. "Without diving into detail, it’s fair to say that this year has been an endless series of personal difficulties. We haven’t had any falling out and are all still close. The personal circumstances involved make it impossible to continue Thursday in the spirit that has made it special."