June 8, 2013


Tyler, the Creator Faces Police After Verbal Assault

Roger Kisby/Getty Images
Roger Kisby/Getty Images

Tyler the Creator is no newbie to controversy, but his most recent act (a misogynistic rant aimed at a feminist protester) may hurt more than just his public perception.

According to the Guardian,  24-year-old blogger Talitha Stone recently reported the rapper to the police citing verbal abuse. 

The rapper targeted Stone after the blogger (who had publicly called out the rapper for misogyny via her activist group Collective Shout) exchanged words with him before last week's show. After the show started he yelled out:

"F-ckin b-tch, I hope she hear me call her a b-tch too. F-ckin whore. This f-ckin song is dedicated to you, you f-ckin c-nt." The dedicated song was “Bitch Suck D-ck.”

The tirade was filmed by Stone and has since circulated on YouTube.
Apparently Stone has endured an onslaught of abusive tweets and threats from fans in response to her protest of Tyler, the Creator. She told the Guardian Australia:

"My heart was absolutely pounding as I heard him start to mention me. I was petrified. I was standing among the crowd of people who were chanting along with threats towards me."

A spokesperson for New South Wales police confirmed that they are investigating the incident.

Click below to see the Stone's video of the attack.