June 7, 2013


Watch Tyler, the Creator Go on Verbal Tirade Against Feminist Protester

Tyler, the Creator is currently down in Australia making daily headlines for the behavior we've come to expect from the 22-year-old Odd Future frontman. But a video making the rounds shows the controversial rapper going on a misogynistic, curse-filled rant at one audience member, a feminist protesting his music.

As most things Tyler-related, there's a protracted backstory: Collective Shout, a grassroots campaign targeting "corporations, advertisers, marketers and media which objectify women and sexualize girls to sell products and services," had called for a revocation of the rapper's Australian visa. One member, Talithia Stone, had exchanged words with Tyler prior to the show and was the same person who filmed the above video.

"F-ckin b-tch, I hope she hear me call her a b-tch too," yells the rapper. "F-ckin whore. This f-ckin song is dedicated to you, you f-ckin c-nt." The dedicated song in question: “Bitch Suck D-ck.”

Collective Shout have found a friend in the Australian government, too. Alex Hawke, a conservative member of the Australian House of Representatives, told the House, ""Allowing this man a visa to promote this misogyny to audiences, including children, is a complete disgrace and an insult to all of us, and to women in particular.

"Australia must be clear that we have a zero tolerance for these extreme acts of violence, and the government and the minister have power to take action against this sort of intolerance and those encouraging the dehumanization of women."

He even urged Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to "seriously reconsider and review the visa granted to Tyler, the Creator ... All of us in his House should stop the spread of this vile message against women."

Tyler, the Creator vs. Australia: Who wins here?