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'The Walking Dead': 17 Music Videos to Help You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Get zombie-survival tips from Rihanna, MGMT, Peaches, Fall Out Boy and more

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When Brad Pitt jumps on a trend, it’s officially hit the zeitgeist. Such is the case with his new film World War Z, an apocalyptic horror film about a zombie pandemic invading Earth. It's follows a long trail of zombies in pop culture, from '80s underground films (did you see the gory cult favorite Dead Alive?) to 28 Days Later and Resident Evil. Then, of course, the more recent zombie-romance flick Warm Bodies, which hit No. 1 at box office in February.

And you can't forget AMC's The Walking Dead—which returns to TV Sunday, October 13—which still holds the highest ratings for any cable show, ever. Vampires are, like, so over. 

Musicians have always had a soft spot for the living dead. Billy Idol danced with them in the '80s. Rob Zombie wrote an ode to the "Living Dead Girl" in the '90s. Indie rock (MGMT), metal (Misfits) and punk (Fall Out Boy) groups have all gotten down with zombies. And, of course, Michael Jackson plays one in perhaps the most-recognizable music video ever, "Thriller."

Stroll through the undead decades with these 17 zombiefied music videos. 

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Michael Jackson, "Thriller"

The Classic!! The 13-minute mini film warns: be careful who you go to movies with.

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Billy Idol, "Dancing With Myself"

How to survive a zombie attack, according to the English rocker's 1980 video:

1. Dance with yourself.

2. Electrocute the zombies.

3. Dance with zombies.

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MGMT, "Kids"

Just like this adorable toddler demonstrates, when zombies attack, you run! You may soon find solace with a hipster band, like MGMT, singing in the shrubbery. 

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Peaches & Iggy Pop, "Kick It"

The Canadian performance artist and Stooges frontman model the fashion for a zombie pandemic.

Girls: Bikinis.

Boys: Leather pants. 

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Fall Out Boy, "A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More 'Touch Me'"

Pete Wentz plays a fearless zombie hunter—who drinks nail polish—in this mini-film music video. Need to slay the undead? Drink up.

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Misfits, "Scream!"

As the Jersey horror punk band shows, don't assume a hospital can shelter you from a zombie attack.

(Fun fact: The director of this vid, George A. Romero, also directed famous 1968 horror film Night of the Living Dead.)

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Robbie Williams, "Rock DJ"

The British pop singer becomes one of the living dead as he strips off layers of skins and muscle.

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Rob Zombie, "Living Dead Girl"

In a change of pace, the heavy metal icon's 1999 single makes us feel bad for this "Living Dead Girl." Maybe not all zombies are bad?

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The Alchemist, Jadakiss, Pusha T & Snoop Dogg, "Lose Your Life"

What happens when your favorite rappers are turned into cartoon-ified zombies? Consult the book of Dungeons and Rappers, according to the Beverly Hills beatmaker.

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4minute, "What’s Your Name?"

The K-pop outfit proves that no matter how cute you may be... anyone is susceptible to a zombie takeover. Always be alert.

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Blondie, "Mother"

For their 2011 comeback single's visual, the iconic band rocked out with zombies dressed in ABBA-esque costumes. Always carry an extra neon jumpsuit to blend in.

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Phantom Planet, "Big Brat"

The "California" singers create a zombie B movie. Or, as they call it, Le Zombi Du Noir

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Spankers, “Everyone's a DJ”

That is, "Everyone's a zombie DJ" in the hilarious clip. EDM's got love for the undead too.

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Rihanna, "Disturbia"

Is it bad that we wouldn't mind walking among the living dead if we got to chill with Rihanna?

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T-ara, "Lovey Dovey"

Zombies at the club? It could happen! The K-pop girl group instruct us to continue dancing... which isn't hard with a song this catchy.

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Metric, "Monster Hospital"

And in the unfortunate case you do walk among the undead, stick with the Canadian quartet. Even dead, the band displays crazy-good drumming, bass and guitar skills.

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Taylor Swift, "Just a Zombie" (Parody of "You Belong With Me")

This YouTube parody imagines what T. Swift would be like if even more people didn't understand her... as a brain-eating zombie.

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