July 6, 2013


50 Cent Charged With Domestic Violence

Prince Williams
Prince Williams

50 cent was charged with domestic violence and vandalism in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Yesterday, the rapper's lawyer denied the charges on his behalf.

According to CNN, 50 Cent (born Curtis Jackson) allegedly kicked his ex-girlfriend and ransacked her bedroom during an argument, which took place at her Los Angeles condo last month.

The 37-year-old rapper faces five criminal charges—one count of domestic violence and four counts of vandalism. There is currently no warrant out for his arrest.

Los Angeles police responded to a domestic violence call on June 23rd and upon arrival found broken chandeliers and furniture, cloths strewn across the floor and a broken lamp and television. Investigators say 50 Cent left an estimated $7,100 in damaged property before leaving the scene.

The female reportedly had previously been in a three-year relationship with the rapper and the two share a child.

In a news release, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer said:

"During an argument, Jackson allegedly began destroying the female's property. Allegedly when the female locked herself in her bedroom, Jackson kicked-open the bedroom door and kicked her, causing an injury."

50 Cent's lawyer, Scott Leemon, responded to the charges yesterday with a statement that read:

"Curtis Jackson denies these allegations as made against him. It is important to note, Mr. Jackson has not been arrested and there is no warrant outstanding for his arrest. We have been in contact with the LA City Attorney's Office and are currently conducting our own investigation into these allegations. Out of respect for the legal process, we will not be commenting any further at this time."

An arraignment for the rapper is set for July 22; he could potentially face five years in jail and $46,000 in fines.

"Regardless of perceived celebrity or notoriety, domestic violence is a serious crime, and alleged perpetrators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law by this office," Feuer said.

"We will continue to look out for the safety of all victims of domestic violence and seek justice for the alleged crimes."

50 Cent appears relatively unfazed by the charges. The night after the rapper was charged, he took to Twitter to fire off a number of "I'm not in jail I'm …" Tweets. Including:

" I'm not in jail I'm by my water fall. #smsaudio"
" I'm not in jail I'm by my pool.#smsaudio"
" I'm not in jail I'm on my Gucci couch #SMSaudio http://instagram.com/p/bXteT6sLxZ/ "

These were followed by birthday wishes and playful ribbing with friend and supposed collaborator, Jersey Shore's DJ Pauly D.