July 22, 2013


Ariana Grande Channels Mariah Carey on New Track "Baby I"

Actress/singer Ariana Grande's debut song "The Way," released in March, has racked up nearly 67 million views on YouTube and vaunted the 20-year-old into new levels of fame and success. After three months, the question, "What will she follow it up with?" can be answered with her follow-up single, "Baby I."

A spry, bouncy pop song in the vein of "The Way," "Baby I" finds Grande flexing her Mariah-esque voice. Produced by Babyface, Tony Dixon, and j.Que, the song has already entered iTunes' top 20.

We still have to wait until September 3 to hear Grande's debut album Yours Truly, but check out the track above to see what's in store for the rest of the album.