July 29, 2013


Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter Is Crowdfunding His Debut Horror Film

In news absolutely no one saw coming, Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys is making a horror film that he co-wrote, co-produces and intends to star in. And like Amanda Palmer and Zach Braff before him, the boy band singer is turning to crowdfunding to make his dreams come true without compromising his vision. 

"We want to produce the movie outside of the studio and retain creative control," the horror movie fanatic (who knew?) explained in the video for his IndieGogo campaign. "Then we can produce a scary, sexy and gory movie—with heart—without holding back on pushing into R-rated territory."

Carter is looking for at least $85,000 to make Evil Blessings, which he describes as "a classic horror story about a family who go into the mountains to hunt but soon discover they're the ones being hunted… by an ancient family of evil!"

Before snickering, remember that even the plots of classic horror films sound laughable when deduced to one sentence (for example, try describing Night of the Living Dead, Texas Chain-Saw Massacre or Ernest Scared Stupid). And in his video to potential donors, Carter promises the movie won't be "low budget or cheesy." To that end, he's joining forces with one of the producers behind the Oscar-winning film Crazy Heart.

If you decide to help fund the Backstreet Boy's new dream career, the donor perk packages range from t-shirts and posters to high-end rewards such as a role in the film. 

In other words, this Kickstarter is your perfect opportunity to get back on the silver screen, Joey Fatone.