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San Diego Comic-Con: The 5 Best Moments

From Weezer and Metallica to Batman and Superman to a dubstep weapon, check out the most memorable events from the 2013 comic book convention

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Weezer Plays for Bigger Nerds than Usual

Weezer should just not play anywhere "normal" anymore. Between the return of the Weezer Cruise and the band rocking out for an hour amongst comic book nerds, TV stars and actual zombies, the Los Angeles alt-rockers are really checking their way down the bucket list of "awesome places to play 'The Sweater Song.'" 

While Comic-Con attendees celebrated the 10th anniversary of The Walking Dead's print release and met stars from the TV series adaptation, Weezer ripped their way through a bunch of fan favorites. Check out photos from the party here if you want to see more.

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Metallica Gets Bigger, Somehow

Hey, rock bands. Yeah, Lars Ulrich is talking to you. You want to release a new record? Go ahead, dorks. 

Metallica will just release a 3D IMAX cinematic experience (on September 27, check out the trailer above) where Dane DeHaan (the guy from Chronicle) is driving in a van before getting thrust into an apocalyptic wasteland. Oh, and if this wasn't obvious already, Metallica seems to be playing a concert during the whole thing. 

By the looks of that trailer, Metallica Through the Never seems to have the feel of a big-budget film. And with how much this band has accomplished in its career – they're not done yet, by the way, with a new record coming in 2014 – it only makes sense for them to move on. Into badass movie-making.

More details on the flick, which will see a wider theatrical release in the week following its IMAX debut, can be scouted via the LA Times

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Saints Row IV Finally Weaponizes Dubstep

One of the year's most anticipated – and undoubtedly most insane – video games made a huge statement at Comic-Con. 

Saints Row IV put on a show in San Diego where characters from the game rode around in a presidential limo wielding – yes – a dubstep gun. The weapon is just one of the many ridiculous pieces of mass destruction that you can use in the upcoming game, which drops on August 20. 

If you want to see more about the newest Saints Row installation, Games Radar has bunch of info for you.  

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Wayne Coyne Releases Weird-Looking Comic Book

LOUISVILLE, KY - JULY 14: Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips tours the Muhammad Ali Center following his performance there on Ju
Taylor Hill/WireImage

We already know that Wayne Coyne is...different...from most people. The Flaming Lips frontman did, after all, spearhead a project that saw a bunch of famous folks putting their own blood into vinyl records.

In an effort to keep the weirdness flowing, Coyne is releasing The Sun Is Sick – a 43-page comic book inspired by his own doodles from the last year and a half. 

Paste interviewed Coyne about his latest venture – which will run you $15 from The Flaming Lips' webstore – and they describe the book as "a collection of illustrations crafted during phone press interviews and after music sessions."

From what we can tell, you can expect a lot of psychedelic colors and a fair amount of nudity. 

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Enough Superhero Movie News to Last Us A While

Image Credit: Warner Brothers

So, maybe this isn't music news – at all – but we can't talk about Comic-Con without talking about the movies. And make no mistake, we do love those superhero movies. 

Warner Bros. made the biggest splash of the weekend, announcing that Superman and Batman – aka the two best good guys ever – would finally be sharing the big screen together. The movie is scheduled to come out in the summer of 2015 and is reportedly titled, um, Superman and Batman. This apparently will lead into a Justice League movie down the road.

Competing for your movie theater ticket dollars in the same summer will be the second installation in the Avengers series, which finally got its new name this weekend. Marvel is dubbing the highly anticipated blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron and we're getting new movies from Thor and Captain America before then. 

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