July 18, 2013


Courtney Love to Release "Amazing" New Album for Christmas

Stephen Lovekin
Stephen Lovekin

Timed to coincide with the release of her memoir, former Hole frontwoman Courtney Love has revealed that she's planning on releasing a new solo album come Christmastime. Gifts the whole family can enjoy!

Speaking to Canada's JAM! Music, Courtney told the site she's working on the new LP, currently titled Died Blonde. So far, it's sounds "epic," "amazing" and "great." Love also added working on the new material has been "really hard work."

Love called on Hole guitarist Micko Larkin to help her out with her second solo record. "Micko’s doing like early pre-production and then we’ll have somebody else do other production," she told JAM! "But he’s exceedingly well educated and very well trained in the studio."

As for that memoir, reportedly titled Last Bitch Standing, Courtney said after three or four years since receiving her book deal from Harper Collins, now is finally the time to let the cat out of the bag. "I put it off, but it’s a good time to put it out now. And it’s a good time to tell my story and what actually happened and stuff like that." We hope she expands on the "stuff like that" part in the book.

Died Blonde is the follow-up to Courtney Love's 2004 solo album, America's Sweetheart.