July 21, 2013


Daft Punk Action Figures Make Public Debut

Marc Grimwade
Marc Grimwade

Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo hit up Comic Con this weekend. Well, at least a shrunken, plastic version of the electronic duo did; the real Daft Punk were prob drinking Moet from their helmets on the French Riviera.

You probably heard about the DP action figures, created by Bandai and Japan’s S.H. Figuarts, earlier this month.

The official product description for the wee Punks said they were designed under the direct supervision of the Robots themselves and "crafted with meticulous attention to detail—[the] helmet area employs a shiny metallic finish and clear parts for enhanced realism." 

Also, the figures are not your average (read: boring), immobile collectable figurine. The [Daft Punk figures] have "advanced S.H. Figuarts articulation and seven sets of left/right interchangeable hand parts for recreation of dynamic posing."

But heretofore, no one really knew whether or not the figurines would be as described, or sporting missing limbs or Barbie heads. 

Thanks to Consequence of Sound, you can all take a big sigh of relief as they snapped a pic of the little dudes in all their glory—complete with detailed mini-pyramid!

Here at Fuse, we are still licking our wounds after discovering that much-talked-about Daft Punk condoms were not in fact being released by Durex. 

A company spokesman told Mixmag, "There is no Durex promotion or partnership with Daft Punk in the U.K. or any other markets and Durex are not posting free packs to the world’s top DJs as suggested."

BUT IT WILL BE OK! IT WILL!! Because we can all pre-order our little audiophile toys right here! And they’ll get here just in time to take up prime real estate in our Bon Iver-themed Xmas stocking!!!