July 26, 2013


Duck Sauce Release New Remix Via Craigslist

The guys who brought us the most disturbing video of 2011 are continuing the weirdness. Duck Sauce released a remix for their latest single, "It's You," via Craigslist yesterday under the guise of "free duck sauce." Mmm, how could you turn that down?

An ad listed in Brooklyn, NY, (pictured above) offered the mysterious food item to any and all Craigslist users daring enough to click through. When they did, they scored themselves a free copy of the duo's "It's You," the ?@#! remix.

Unfortunately the song has been taken down, but you can hear it over at Stereogum. On behalf of the band, apologies to all you freaks who clicked the download link thinking someone actually had free duck sauce for you. Gross.