July 22, 2013


The Flaming Lips Debut Glittery Cover of Devo's "Gates of Steel"

While filming their recent video for The Terror's "Turning Violent," the Flaming Lips had a spare moment and decided to knock-out a cover of Devo's 1980 single "Gates of Steel."

The Lips turn the upbeat New Wave single into an introspective, psychedelic freak out. Mark Mothersbaugh's yelps are replaced by Wayne Coyne's plaintive croon, while scratchy guitar riffing and a hypnotic drum beat oust the propulsive pop of the original Freedom of Choice track. 

Had the Lips included it on their excellent but sonically repetitive album The Terror, it would have been an easy standout. Regardless, it's an awesome listen and a nice tribute (whether intentionally or not) to recently-deceased Devo drummer Alan Myers.

Watch it above and ask yourself why more bands don't tackle non-"Whip It" songs from Devo's under-appreciated catalog.