July 21, 2013


The Funniest & Most Perplexing Quotes Overheard at Pitchfork Music Festival 2013

Samantha Vincenty for Fuse
Samantha Vincenty for Fuse

"She's very pretty!" – Angel Olsen crowd member

“She’s sooo pretty!” – Joanna Newsom crowd member

“She sounds like a cat playing the harp.” – Girl watching Joanna Newsom who, admittedly, is not for everybody

"I was nuts back then. I was like, popping into places, f-cking it up and then leaving."

"Real talk, where's Andy Samberg?”

"I like this festival! But there are some creepy people here." – Possibly stoned girl, looking over her shoulders in both directions

“…I guess it IS more hipster to use a rubber band.” 

"Toga fest?" "Nope, D.P. Summer fling." - Guy and girl sharing what we assume is fraternity gossip

"She's dancing AND breastfeeding!" - Dad-looking dude in cargo shorts, definitely not referring to Sky Ferreira onstage

"Everybody gets old. It's true. You just wait ‘til it happens. It’s so sick." - Singer songwriter Angel Olsen with the most sobering stage banter we’ve ever heard

"There's always a party going on somewhere... and we're never invited."

"We need your bubbles!!" - Said with urgency to someone on a phone

"Whoa...it's like church." "Yeah. Cool church." - Two dudes mesmerized by Bjork's choir

"IT'S A SHARKNADO, RUN!" - One of many "Sharknado" references made during the torrential downpour immediately after Bjork’s set on Friday

"Wait wasn't her sister in rehab?" - Guy watching The Breeders set (Kelley Deal WAS in rehab, 18 years ago)

"Some dude named Ed Lacy let us use his Minimoog...whoever the fuck HE is." - Kim Deal during The Breeders set

"I love you too baby! I've been watching you the WHOLE time and you've been AMAZING." - Solange, responding to a vocal fan

"I'm this close to you, me, and a nap." - A sunbaked concertgoer to his girlfriend on day 2 of the fest

"I saw a pregnancy test in the port-a-john."

"I wrote this next record after a long night at the strip club with my wife." - Killer Mike, introducing "Southern Fried"